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How to navigate volatile (falling) markets

By Daniel Rose | 07 Jul 2022

Listening to the news and reading the papers can scare investors into making rash decisions. So how can you navigate falling markets and market volatility? The financial press worked itself into a frenzy last week as the benchmark S&P 500 in the US briefly reached a 20% fall from its recent high in January. The … Read more

Supporting a person living with dementia

By Jodi Rose-Nealy | 05 Oct 2021

Living with dementia can be unsettling and frustrating, but independence and quality of life can still be achieved with the right support and a few changes. With almost half a million people living with dementia in Australia, and another 1.6 million people involved in their care, it is likely that we are all impacted in … Read more

Moving into aged care – do I have to sell my home?

By Jodi Rose-Nealy | 28 Jul 2021

If moving into residential aged care, do you really have to sell your home? What are your choices? Myths and misunderstanding about the rules can add to anxiety and confusion. Moving into residential aged care is stressful and can be compounded by anxiety around selling the family home. Some people find it hard to part … Read more

Stylised coronavirus

How might coronavirus impact your portfolio?

By Daniel Rose | 10 Mar 2020

We’ve all seen the news, and we’ve all read the articles. In fact, some may have been caught up in the toilet paper frenzy. But how do we make sense of the coronavirus fears when it comes to our portfolios? If you’ve been living in a cave you may not have noticed that share markets … Read more

11 common aged care questions answered

By Daniel Rose | 17 Sep 2018

Money & Life contributors draw on their diverse range of experience to present you with insights and guidance that will help you manage your financial wellbeing, achieve your lifestyle goals and plan for your financial future. Aged Care is an extremely complex area but planning ahead and obtaining professional advice and help you make the … Read more

Read This If You Receive Centrelink Assistance

By Daniel Rose | 03 Sep 2018

Organisations, like people, aren’t perfect. Large organisations are prone to errors just as individuals make mistakes. And Centrelink is no exception. Recently, a client (who is retired and receives a Centrelink pension) came in to see us for her annual review. While reviewing her finances I felt that her fortnightly pension was too low. So … Read more

Get Engaged With Your Superannuation

By Daniel Rose | 07 Aug 2018

With the end of the financial year looming, tension is always on the rise. Is your paper work up to date? Have you made an appointment with your accountant? Do they have to play those end of financial year ads on a loop? With so much to think about, and so many unwelcome reminders, stress … Read more

Budgeting is not a dirty word:

By Daniel Rose | 01 Aug 2018

Budgeting is not a dirty word: Budgeting. It’s most people’s least favourite word. But it doesn’t need to be. By reframing budgeting in a way that works for you, you’re much more likely to have success. So, how can you make the most of what you’ve got and spend it in the way you like?


By Daniel Rose | 31 Jul 2018

Has the idea that you don’t have enough money ever stopped you from seeing a financial planner? We’re working to dispel that commonly believed myth. Find out here why those with ‘no money’ may benefit the most from our help.