Dealing With Centrelink


Centrelink can be a difficult department to deal with.  Having a financial adviser who specialises in Centrelink advice and who can act on your behalf can help minimise the time you would otherwise have to spend on hold, only to find out that you need to be there in person.

As your correspondence nominee, you can rest assured that any urgent updates that Centrelink require will also reach us.  So even if you are ill, away or the mail didn’t arrive, we will handle this on your behalf.

In many cases Centrelink don't have the most up to date information at hand and we end up advising Centrelink staff on new rule changes and updates. This is because we spend our work lives making sure we are following exactly what is going on with tax, superannuation and pension entitlements that effect your financial future.

We can also help you maxmise your pension payments so you get exactly what you are entitled to.