Aged Care

Helping You When You Need It Most!

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More information can be found at the Australian Government website

Aged Care & You

Aged care is all about keeping you healthy, active and independent in your older age. Just because you may have some kind of impairment or struggle to cope with your domestic situation doesn't mean you have to languish.

Often the need for aged care isn't required until an unexpected event or health problem occurs and it can become confusing and stressful but forewarned of course is forearmed.

There are a range of services available ranging from in-home domestic help through to full residential aged care facilities.

Financial Considerations

Support from the Federal Government for aged care is means-tested. This will affect the amount you or your partner will have to contribute to the aged care provider on a daily basis (this fee changes every year) and the entry fee (bond).

The basic daily care fee is used to contribute towards your day to day living costs such as meals, cleaning, laundry, heating and cooling. Everyone is asked to pay this fee.

This bond or entry fee is for your accommodation in the facility. The bond is returned to you or your estate when you no longer need the facility's services.

Deciding to move into aged care is often highly stressful, emotional and a time of uncertainty. It is a challenging and sensitive decision for the person moving and their family, friends and carers.

To assist your transition to aged care careful planning is required and is all part of the service we provide at Financial Aspects. Our aim is to help you understand where you stand financially and how we can help you maximise your finances all through your long and satisfying retirement years.