Setting Up & Contributing To Your Retirement.

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Superannuation, as we all know, is a formal way of saving for your retirement. The more you save within your superannuation the better off you will be in your retirement, and this manifests itself in the lifestyle choices you will have when you retire.

The rules governing superannuation often change so it's difficult to keep up with the complexities and permutations that may apply to your super fund now and in the future.

At Financial Aspects we are reviewing superannuation legislation constantly and we can help keep you up to date on changes within the industry that may affect you.

The best thing you can do is come in for an informal chat BEFORE you retire so we can review your financial situation and guide through to your retirement.

Superannuation FAQs

As at the 1st July 2017 the superannuation contribution limits are going to be tightened (again) to lower annual limits, and a limit is going to be placed on how much an individual can move from super (a taxable pool of money) to an income stream such as an allocated pension (a tax free pool).

Changes are a constant in superannuation, hence why we like seeing our clients every year, but change can also bring about certain opportunities that can be taken advantage of, and that is where annual advice really excels.

If you have an superannuation questions please call Daniel at your convenience. (Ph: 03 5227 7777)