Can I afford to have a financial planner?

Money: it’s a word that triggers all sorts of emotions and reactions. Whether you’re worrying about your financial future or unsure about where your money is currently going, one thing is for certain: financial peace of mind benefits every area of your life.

While many people crave financial peace of mind, it can be hard to break free of our ingrained habits, beliefs or fears around finance. Without a clear picture, or the right information, we cannot even see what is possible.

Now you may be wondering if you’re in a position to afford a financial planner. But the real question you need to ask is: can I afford NOT to have one?

Without a clear plan (and picture), you are probably not in the best position to make excellent decisions. But when you have a clear financial picture (and plan) you feel empowered, in control and best yet: you’re set up to actually reach your goals.

At Financial Aspects, we know that finance is a personal issue: that’s why we offer personal care, attention and clear strategies that get you great results.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you financially (along with the flow of benefits to other areas of your life):

  • Budgeting for couples. (We help you get on the same page to reduce stress and improve your relationship.)
  • Super strategies. (Discover new possibilities for your future to feel calm in the present.)
  • Budgeting for change. (If you’ve had a change in employment or have been made redundant we can guide you through this transition.)
  • Investment advice. (Avoid making bad decisions with our quality wealth creation strategies.)
  • Personal Insurance. (Protect your money and assets in a way that makes financial sense.)
  • Retirement planning. (Set yourself up to relax into a new phase of life.)

The many benefits of hiring a financial planner far outweigh the cost. Because we are a small, family-run, financial planning business we offer fair fees that are affordable. And because we genuinely care about helping people manage their finances, we keep investment costs as low as possible.

If you’d like to gain a sense of calm and control over your finances, we’re here to help. Simply call 03 5227 7777 or email to arrange a consultation.